About Me


I'm a Marketing Automation consultant for MarCloud Consulting and Salesforce Marketing Champion 2021. 

Having spent 8 years in SaaS sales, I decided to use my experience to help those using Salesforce, Pardot and /or Marketing Cloud get the most out of their revenue-generating machine and hopefully break the barrier between marketing and sales. After all, we're all part of the same process. It's time to break down that wall!

My passion lies in helping others find success, which is probably why I was always envious of the teams delivering on my sale. I'm not happy unless everyone's happy and I try to ensure every one of my clients leaves me in a much better place having worked with me.

Which brings me to this blog, where I share my thoughts and ideas around marketing, Pardot and Marketing Cloud, in the hope that you get just even one golden nugget of information.

To your success!

 6x Certified