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How I started and why you should read this

It was a big risk for me to make the change, especially in a pandemic. But it felt like the right thing to do.

In June last year, I decided to call it a day on my 8-year sales career and jump the fence into consulting.

I'd been preparing for it for some time. Revising, taking practise exams, booking the exam in. And then passing the Salesforce Admin exam. It was the first milestone in making the change.

I'd had a fairly decent sales career. Won a couple of awards, made presidents club (definitely the highlight) and learnt a ton of stuff about how business works. Ultimately, I didn't feel like I was really making a difference, really contributing to the success of the people I'd sold to. I wasn't the game-changer to these organisations that I wanted to be.

I passed that opportunity onto the consulting team.

How did I end up implementing Pardot?

I spent 5 years of my sales career at FinancialForce, which was my entry into the Salesforce ecosystem and I was hooked from the start. After seeing what the platform could do when implemented correctly, I genuinely still feel there's no other platform like it. I decided I wanted to get my hands on the platform and play a part.

When I started at FinancialForce as a BDR, one of the first Account Executives I worked with was Ben Stevenson.

It was one of the better relationships I had with an AE. My first award in sales was a direct result from the work I did with him where we created our own campaign, crossing the boundaries into marketing and writing our own ebook and content to make that happen.

When he got wind I was making the move, he was the first one to pick up the phone after I passed my admin exam, challenging me to use my experience and flip the conversation to implement Pardot solutions that generate sales-ready leads.

It was an easy decision.

Ubuntu - I am because you are

Since this is my first post, I wanted to take the opportunity to intro myself and why you should care but didn't want it to be the part of a CV where I explain "I'm a hard-working individual". The filler that doesn't mean much.

But ultimately, I am another Pardot and Salesforce voice in an ecosystem with many. So why should this be another resource you add to Feedly?

In my 8-year sales career, I worked with marketing teams where I experienced both good and bad marketing practises. Marketing exists to feed the revenue machine. The experience I've gleaned from that and I use with my own clients isn't from a pure marketing standpoint but one that incorporates the entire process, from lead to revenue.

The buzz I get from my days is when people are succeeding as a direct result from working with me. This blog exists a bit to keep that buzz going (there is no truly selfless act, they say!) and to try and contribute to the success of the wider community. More than I can do one to one.

I also owe it to my clients and community at large to be the best resource I can possibly be and you learn best by teaching.

So this is why the blog exists.

My hope is, over time, as this site grows and grows, your success with Pardot and Salesforce will grow with it. I look forward to playing a part.

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