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Beginners guide to Pardot: Working your way around the Prospect record

Following the previous post where we talked about the difference between Visitors and Prospects, we're going to talk about the Pardot prospect record when the visitor has given you their email address.

The Prospect Record

To find the prospect record, you need to navigate to the Prospects tab, Pardot Prospects in the left-hand menu, where you will see a list of prospects. Having selected a prospect, this is now what you see for that individual.

The overview screen gives you a high-level view of the information you have on that prospect, a list of the activities they've gone through and their score.

You can tell if this is a Pardot only prospect or if it's a record syncing with a Lead or Contact in Salesforce by the blue cloud next to their name right at the top. Clicking the Salesforce cloud will take you through to that Salesforce record.

In the top right, you have 4 options available to you (4th in the dropdown).

  1. Edit

  2. Delete

  3. Sync with CRM (manually force a sync for this record)

  4. Disable CRM syncing

The more detailed information on the prospect and their history with you is laid out in tabs along the top of the record, which we'll look through now.


Clicking on the lists tab will show you all the lists that they are a member of.

From here, you can either remove them from the lists they are already a member of or use the dropdown to select a list you wish to add them to.


If you're using grading, then you can see the grading profile that has been assigned to this prospect and the criteria that have been adjusted to make up their grade.

Most of the time, I use the default profile but there may be some use cases where you have different profiles to grade different prospects (maybe a certain industry requires a different grading model).

In which case, you can see the profile name where this screenshot says Prospect Criteria: Default.

You can even manually adjust their profile by giving đź‘Ť or đź‘Žfor each criteria.


This tab shows you the prospects that share the same email domain and are therefore part of the same organisation as the prospect you are viewing.


This screen goes into a little more detail than the overview screen but this is where you want to go should you wish to see a full breakdown of the activities this prospect has been a part of, such as form submissions, email opens, opportunities that have been created.

You can use the dropdowns above the activity table to filter this down by asset type and categories.


The audit tab will give you a full history of the changes made to this record and what caused that change, be it a CRM sync, a manual change (and the user that changed it) or if it was a completed asset or automation rule.

You'll also see what the old value was before the new value replaced it, along with the date and timestamp that the change was made.

In addition to field changes, scrolling down the screen will give you the same level of detail for all the Automation Rules that have been actioned on the prospect, Engagement Studio programs they have been a part of and any imports that have updated the record.


The lifecycle stage is exactly as it sounds. What stages has the prospect gone through on their journey with you and how long did they spend in each stage.

A good visual to see how that journey unfolded.


With the Salesforce connector in full flow, opportunities that the prospect is linked to will feed through to Pardot.

That's a really important point to understand how the sync works...opportunities that the prospect is linked to.

Pardot will only associate opportunities to the prospect record if they have a contact role on the opportunity in Salesforce.

Related Objects

If there are any other object records in Salesforce that relate to this prospect, they will be listed here. This also includes any custom objects linked to the prospect, if custom objects is part of your Pardot edition.

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