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Pardot quick tip: How to assign your whole email list as campaign members

Updated: Feb 26

Connected campaigns is pretty awesome. Yes, it is.

But one of the misconceptions of connected campaigns is that it's fully automated by enabling it.

You have a list you want to send an email to in Pardot and by sending the email to that list, those members will get added to the campaign because you've sent them the email...right?

Well, not exactly.

What's connected?

By giving Salesforce the ability to create campaigns that feed through to Pardot, it opens up a whole world of analytical possibility and alignment.

Salesforce creates a campaign that becomes available in Pardot to be able to assign assets such as email, forms and landing pages.

By selecting the campaign, the asset will feed through to that campaign all the data you need to understand, in one single view. So if you have a landing page and an email assigned to that campaign, thanks to engagement history, you can see landing page submissions and email engagement in one single campaign view.

However, campaign membership for prospects still works on assignment.

If you don't assign your Pardot prospects to the campaign, they won't appear, making it more difficult to tie opportunities and closed business back to the campaign.

The prospect, lead or contact is the thread that connects that journey from form submission right through to signed contract.

Sure, you can assign completion actions to assets and add them to a campaign from there but what about those in the list that don't do anything but they were part of your campaign? You want those in still.

So how do they become campaign members if they haven't done anything?

Assigning everyone to the campaign before the email send

In Pardot, create a list of people you want to send the email to (as you normally would).

Before you send the email, create an automation rule with the following criteria...


Prospect List > is member > [list name]


Add to CRM campaign > [campaign name] > sent

What's cool about this method is you could have this as a global automation rule you run every time you want to send an email. Just pause it when you've assigned the first campaign, change the list and campaign names the next time and run it again.

Protect your automation rule bandwidth!

Once these have come across as campaign members, you're ready to send the email and add the single completion action on the email to add them to the same campaign with a status of responded if they click on a link.

The outcome will be a campaign member report that has everyone in it, so those ratios of form submissions, email clicks will be 100% accurate and the campaign will become the single source of truth for your marketing efforts.

But there is one other issue that we need to tackle for this to work and that's how we assign leads, which will work slightly differently than just assigning via Pardot. Read this article for how we can assign MQL's in the world of connected campaigns.

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