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Top 6 features of the Pardot Spring '21 release

Updated: Feb 18

Today is the day of the Spring '21 release of Pardot.

With it comes more features for the Pardot marketer to utilise (you can read the high-level release notes here...the full release notes are 500 pages long) and some features that are based around security (did someone say SSO?).

Having read through the notes, here are my top 6 features that are part of this release, excluding SSO cos, well... I think we have banged that drum!

1. Accounts as campaign members (beta)

This one is pretty awesome!

In line with your ABM strategy, you can now track accounts as campaign members thanks to Connected Campaigns. In doing so, you can focus your efforts on accounts, rather than contacts and have this view in related lists, tables and reports on the campaign object.

* A little caveat here in the sense that this is in beta mode.

2. Clone campaigns with assets

It may well be that you have a standard format for a certain type of campaign. Maybe with every webinar you host, you have a custom set of campaign member statuses aside from sent, responded and connected, along with a landing page to sign up to said webinar.

Well now, you can clone campaigns from within the campaigns action menu, along with related assets, including marketing links, forms and landing pages.

By clicking the action menu, you have control over which assets you want to clone. This will be a time saver when repeating types of campaigns.

3. First-party tracking

This is more of a reaction to the industry shifting towards first-party cookies. The reason for the shift is the lack of trust browsers have in third party cookies, resulting in some prospect activity being suppressed.

The basic explanation of the difference between the two types is we asked Pardot to set a cookie for our prospects. Pardot worked on our behalf, they were the third party.

First party cookies will now allow us to use our own domains to set the Pardot tracking cookie.

You may have seen in your Pardot connector settings that there was the option to enable this in beta. Well, thanks to that successful beta, this is now widely available and is the default cookie setting for brand new Pardot orgs.

4. Two click unsubscribe

In the current way of doing things, a prospect clicks the link in the email and unsubscribes. Done, dusted, they are no longer a prospect receiving your content.

The problem with that lies in some email scanners "clicking" this link on behalf of our prospects.

So with this new way of unsubscribing, clicking the link takes them through to a screen where you can customise the message and "double-check" they want to unsubscribe by clicking another link.

You can enable this and customise what the prospect sees on the next page by going to the Unsubscribe Page in Pardot

5. Specify a link for completion actions in emails

Oh my days, this is a biggy!

Historically, Completion Actions have been quite binary...if this action is taken on this asset, then do this.

Now, we can specify the link we want to trigger that completion action. Not all links are equal but now the more interesting link to you can be isolated from all other links in the email, such as score them on a landing page link that won't apply to them clicking Email Preferences.

This is available in the new Email Builder at the send screen.

6. Add alternate reply-to and email senders to the new email builder

The new email builder is pretty slick but it was only v1.0. One of the drawbacks was you could only send from a specific user, whereas the legacy Pardot email experience gave you more options and flexibility as to who the email was sent from.

Well now, with this release, you have more options available to you that brings this new email experience inline with the old one.

So now, instead of sending from a specific user, you can send from their assigned user or a general user, as well as have a different reply-to address.

So these are the features I'm most excited about with this release.

Have I missed any of yours? What are you most excited about?

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