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Why it makes sense for Salesforce to manage MQL assignment

Last week, I spoke about how to get everyone who is part of your email list or Pardot campaign into your Salesforce campaign as campaign members, regardless of their activity.

(If you didn't read that, check it out here).

However, this causes another problem...not every prospect is in Salesforce.

Why does this matter?

For a prospect to be a campaign member, they need to be either a lead or contact in Salesforce. But the traditional way of managing MQL's and assigning them is to keep them in Pardot, nurture them and pass them over to sales when they meet the MQL criteria you set.

As the campaign object is becoming the marketer's workspace in the connected Pardot and Salesforce world, this poses a problem where the performance of your campaign will be skewed.

Let's say you have 100 people as part of an email list. You follow the steps in the last post to assign them all to the campaign as a member with a status of sent and only 40 of those on the list are a lead or contact.

The campaign itself will show 40 people as campaign members because the other 60 are sat in Pardot.

In particular, seeing which accounts are more engaged will be an inaccurate figure, since you're only analysing the 40. What if one account was hot but they all sat in the 60 prospects in Pardot and not in Salesforce?

The solution is to bring everyone over to Salesforce.

Aren't we supposed to nurture prospects in Pardot?

You still can!

The way to do it whilst keeping these leads away from sales until they are good and ready is to add them to a marketing queue in Salesforce.

Doing this will allow the prospects to sit in a queue, away from sales and, since they are now leads in the system, they will be a part of your campaign in Salesforce as campaign members.

To assign them from Pardot, you can use an automation rule that picks up any unassigned prospects and assigns them to the marketing queue.

This is why now, we need to pass the lead assignment baton over to Salesforce.

Why can't I just assign in Pardot?

Salesforce is the master for record ownership. If a prospect has an assigned user that's syncing with Salesforce, Pardot won't be able to overwrite that.

Unfortunately, Pardot sees queues as prospects being assigned too.

So after assigning these prospects to the marketing queue, they are now seen in Pardot as being assigned and Pardot can no longer change the assigned user based on your MQL criteria.

Enter the Salesforce Lead Assignment Rule!

Assuming you have enabled Pardot data on your lead records (you have done that, right?), you can now create a lead assignment rule, as you would an automation rule in Pardot, to assign the lead when the lead satisfies the MQL criteria.

This is why it makes sense to bring that lead assignment into Salesforce. Let your marketing team nurture prospects as they would normally whilst working entirely in the campaign object with accurate data.

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